Mitigation Banks

Mills Creek Mitigation Bank

Mills Creek is the newest addition to the Mitigation Development Services portfolio and will be a 2,057-acre bank located outside of Ocala, Florida. When permitting is completed (2013/2014), Mills Creek will be the only permitted bank offering credits for sale in the Southern and Northern Ocklawaha River basin. In addition, we believe the inclusion of the Florida Ridge service area is possible.

The Mills Creek property has been in common ownership for over 60 years and the bank will continue to be owned by the family and managed for the long-term ecological benefit. The signature feature of Mills Creek will be to provide additional acreage into the Florida Ecological Greenway and the hydrological on-site restoration that will benefit the Ocklawaha River.

Activities to generate credits and provide long-term ecological benefit include:

  • Hydrological improvements
  • Exotic species control
  • The introduction of an altered fire regime
  • Removal of the planted pine and associated bedding

We invite you to call 904.536.3386 or contact us to inquire about the purchase of mitigation credits in the service area (Marion and Alachua Counties). We can structure flexible terms to meet your mitigation needs during and after the permitting of the bank.