Mitigation Development Services, LLC (“Mitigation Development”) is a full service mitigation development and marketing company founded in 1990. We acquire and develop wetland, stream and species banks thoughout the United States to create extraordinary financial value while staying true to responsible environmental stewardship.

Given the leading edge of the Florida market, we have a current concentration of banks in Florida, but projects are underway in multiple Southeastern states and a growing focus is on developing assets in western states (particularly Wyoming) to meet the demands of oil, actual gas and wind development. While the mitigation industry is relatively young, the prospects for continued market innovation (i.e. species, water quality and carbon banks) and adoption by states is great. Federal and state regulatory grasp continues, and our skills reside in anticipating the demand and then responding with a market solution.

Our platform of expertise is comprehensive and starts with feasibility and leads into permit management, construction/credit success and the marketing of credits to both public and private sector parties. Unlike other firms, whose focus is only on marketing, our engagement is defined by a more comprehensive engagement that drives greater accountability (and return) by managing the entire life cycle of a bank.

Banks permitted (or in permitting) exceed 25,000 acres and represents one of the largest portfolios of mitigation banks in Florida.